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Marine Aquarium 3.0 beta

An excellent sea life screensaver, with enhanced animated 3D fish
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Marine Aquarium is a an excellent sea life screensaver, with enhanced animated 3D fish models. In this virtual aquarium users can choose from several kinds of 3D tropical fish, as well as different backgrounds. It has new realistic fish behavior like schooling, chasing, and coral pecking.

The screensaver has fish, coral, plants, and many other underwater creatures. Great lighting effects make it look as if the sun is passing through the tank. Plus it has realistic-looking starfish that slowly move around the tank and an air pump that produces realistic bubbles. The water sound effects makes you feel like a scuba diver looking at the marine world. The screensaver's settings include: changing sound volume and screen resolution, adding fish from a list, and some others.

The beta version 3 has Multi-Monitor support, widescreen display support and custom aspect ratios. A tiffany style clock is included in the screensaver, and you can customize it using your own logo, favorite icons, or photographs. It is an excellent sea life screensaver, with enhanced 3D fish models and no flat images.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Realistic animation, fish and models
  • Great lightning effects
  • Customizable tanks
  • Multi-Monitor support
  • Available for Mac


  • Freezes occasionally
  • Needs good graphics card
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